Terms & Conditions

1. Scope
All orders are due to the following terms and conditions, provided that in each case otherwise expressly denominated arrangements by Puressence writing.

2. Quotes, orders, documentation
All in catalogs, quotes on the website given mass, weight and illustrations are not binding. Mass and other changes remain reserved.

3. Prices
Everyone on the site or offers listed prices are in Swiss Francs (CHF). There, the respective valid daily prices, price changes reserved.

4. Payment Terms
There are three payment methods to choose from:

1. Cash on the spot in a personal delivery of the goods.
2. Payment by invoice within 30 days (new customers only prepaid supplies)
3. Direct deposit to our postal account (for details about your order in the comment field)

Puressence retains the legal aids and in particular the withdrawal from the contract.

5. Delivery times
There are possible following delivery times:

1. For mailing: Time limits pursuant to B-mail via the Swiss Post. Plus 2 days processing.
2. In the case of personal delivery as per contractual agreement. Plus 2 days processing.
3. Express Delivery as per contractual agreement and acquisition of additional costs by the customer.

Failure to comply with the delivery period, the purchaser may request the cancellation of the contract only then, if he Puressence advance through a legal notice, blending in a reasonable period, set in arrears. Direct or indirect damage caused to the Buyer on delivery of late adulthood, give no entitlement to compensation.

6. Transportation
CHF 8 – per shipment. For orders from CHF 200 – shipping is free. The choice of transport will be taken by Puressence. For express deliveries will be charged a surcharge. The merchandise travels at the expense and risk of the customer. The risk is also transport freight delivery from the customer. Reserved the right of recourse against the customer to the transporter.

7. Packaging
Our products are in the best possible format and sent packing. The supplies used in our packaging is at cost price in the invoice and not withdrawn.

8. Complaints
Products may not be exchanged or redeemed, as it is a perishable consumer goods act. Complaints must be made within 8 days after receipt of the goods to be. Otherwise, the supply shall be adopted. Returned goods will not be accepted unless they were agreed. Goods can only be returned in perfect condition, original packaging to receive. Reduced value of the goods and will be granted discounts deducted. Custom products may not be returned. In the case of a justified complaint about the Puressence free, at its option, either correct or to substitute an appropriate price reduction to be granted.

9. Liability
Subject to a legal liability of the supplier according to Swiss law, the customer accepts full and sole responsibility for any persons or property arising from the use of the delivered goods, including packaging for the interaction of container, filling, sealing and preservation. The customer assumes the obligation to make sure that the usual due diligence in the use and consumption of goods should be followed. Puressence assumes no liability for the timeliness, completeness and accuracy of its website on the information provided. The use of this information is voluntary and at your own risk.

10. Disposal
Non-oil products should not be consumed in the sewage (toilet, sink, garage expiration, etc.) are geschüttet. The proper disposal is the responsibility of the buyer. Details for disposal, see e.g. in the local disposal guidelines of the community. Puressence goods will not accept any returns for disposal purposes, contrary.

11. Retention of title
Until full payment of the price stays the entire product owned by Puressence. Puressence is entitled to the registration of ownership to make a reservation, if they deemed necessary.

12. Choice of Law and Jurisdiction
The contractual relationship between the customer and Puressence is in any case, Swiss law is applicable. All disputes are only the ordinary courts at the headquarters in Zurich by Puressence jurisdiction.

13. Execution and quality
For all information regarding weight, dimensions and contents are the legal and industry standard tolerances to be taken into account. Also for variations in the color of the olive oil over Puressence no warranties.

14. Copyrights
The customer regarding the goods purchased responsibility to ensure that by the execution of its order no foreign rights, especially copyright and rights, what the resale is concerned, be violated.

15. Privacy Policy
Puressence is only the absolutely necessary data and uses them as part of settlement of the order and with the purpose of the recurring customer shopping as easy as possible. Your personal data will be used by Puressence according to the data protection legislation remain confidential and not disclosed to third parties. Unless that disclosure to the settlement of the contract is essential. Please note that all communications via the Internet due to technical circumstances neither secure nor confidential.

16. Truthful information
Puressence reserves the right to rescind the contract, if incorrect personal information be made.

17. Links and content from third-party websites
The contents of the websites that have links to www.puressence.ch or to one of the following websites may be consulted, are not checked. Puressence assumes no responsibility for their content, availability, correctness, accuracy, completeness, timeliness and legal compliance.

18. Copyright
Everything you see and read www.puressence.ch, is copyrighted. Any use of content for information purposes, is allowed and encouraged. Each use, especially commercial species, with the express written consent of Puressence.

Puressence, 01 January 2015 / Terms and Conditions version 1.0