Michael Würsten

Already as a young boy, the different plants in nature were fascinating. On every walk, the various scents accompanied me. I wanted to know which plants grow where and why, and why the farmer sow seeds, soon plants grew which later were harvested. The motivation, to enter into Puressence, came very early, why I decided to graduate a apprenticeship as Chemist. During this study, I learned chemistry, botany, Latin, etc., as well as the various procedures of extraction. We were allowed to produce cosmetics, medicines, laboratory tests and had to learn the different legal principals. After stay’s in different countries, regions, and growing areas, I entered 1994 into the company Puressence Würsten AG. Even today I am very impressed with this matter and hope that with the company Puressence Würsten AG I will have many projects and challenges ahead.

Florian Würsten

Already as a child, I realised that the world of fragrances is something special, wonderful. I was interested in the matter of Puressence Würsten AG, and together with Michael we decided to follow the footsteps of our father and business founder, to continue the family business.While Michael trained the technical side, i attended the apprenticeship on the commercial side, so together we have a broad knowledge. After that, I followed a further training as a sales coordinator and the Bachelor of Applied Science in Management.We have set our goal of Puressence AG by the successful continuation and we are continuously improving by a high value on long-term business success.